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Around the Firehouse


February, 2020

If you have an emergency, be it fire, medical, or criminal always dial 911.  

A great example of An Act of God (AAG) is a lightning strike.  We get them often on the Mountain especially in conjunction with our average of 4 wild and wicked storms per year.  If lightning strikes a house, it may cause a fire, but more likely is an electronic surge that can damage residential electric appliances. Sequatchie Valley Electric Cooperative, SVEC, our electricity supplier provides an electronic surge protective barrier for the electronic appliances in your home.  First, a heavy-duty surge arrester is installed at the meter base and safely dissipates high voltage current impulses. Second, a set of specially designed plug in surge protectors are provided for another layer of defense.  Most home appliances are covered with this affordable surge protection warranty. There is a onetime installation cost of about $30 (which is often waived) and a $7 per month fee.  For more information contact SVEC at 423-837-8605.

Candles may be pretty to look at, but they are a cause of home fires.  Remember, a candle is an open flame which means it can easily ignite anything that burns. Blow out all lit candles when you leave the room and avoid the use of candles in the bedroom or any area that you may fall asleep.  Keep children away from burning candles.

Jasper Highlands Fire Department currently has 6 graduates of the State of Tennessee Basic Fire Fighting Course (FF100) certifying them as trained firefighters licensed to enter a burning structure to fight a fire.  Chief Hardin is proud to announce 11 additional new members, currently enrolled in this lengthy course, with a graduation date set for late Spring 2020. That will give our Fire Department a total of 17 trained and certified Firefighters making us one of the most robust and capable Departments in Marion County.

We would like to welcome 3 of our newest firefighter members who recently joined the Team over the Holidays.  Charles Norfolk of Texas, retired.  Former owner of a High Pressure Filtration and Hydraulic Engineering Firm.  Jeff Wolf of Delaware, retired, Banker and Pharmaceutical Expert.  Linda Wolf of Delaware.  Not retired.  Lead Domestic Engineer in the Wolf Household.  Our first female firefighter!  Welcome Linda!

If you are interested in joining our terrific Team, please call our local Boss, Assistant Chief Cliff, at 423-309-2842.

Thank you, and stay safe!

RD Johnson