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Around the Firehouse


October, 2019

If you have an emergency, be it fire, medical, criminal, or a bear, always dial 911.  All of our department responses to an emergency come from Marion County Dispatch as a result of your 911 emergency call.

Jasper Highlands Fire Department now boasts 18 active volunteer firefighters with a wide variety of backgrounds and professional expertise that contribute to the excellence of the organization.  Five of our members have previous professional firefighting and emergency medical response experience.  All of our firefighters have completed the State of Tennessee Introduction to Firefighting Services that qualify them as Volunteer Firefighters and they have received the Firefighter Badge.  As our training, proficiency, and experience expands, we are taking on new roles to help better protect our Mountain. Training with other fire departments and responding to mutual aid fire emergencies help us get to know our fellow regional firefighters and increases our capability for effective and efficient fire response.  Participation in additional fire related on-line classes increases our knowledge and professionalism to help make us better firefighters.

October is Fire Prevention Month and what better time to emphasize the fact that the first defense in fire protection for your beautiful new home, is to have in place quality fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout the residence.  The ability to quickly extinguish a small residential fire before acceleration can save property and lives. Fire Department response takes time. Quality fire extinguishers could make the difference. We strongly recommend fire extinguishers be placed near kitchens, garages, fireplaces, bedrooms, and barbecue areas. More is better than less. Quality, reliable fire extinguishers are a small investment for the protection of your home and family. The Jasper Highlands Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary sells some of the best fire extinguishers available.  They will be available for sale at the October Pot Luck Dinner, 5.30 pm, 11 October at Pat’s Summitt, or you can contact Dick Marvin, our fire extinguisher expert, for purchase at 407-399-2680.  Prices are $44.00 for 2.5# extinguisher or $50.00 for 5# extinguisher.

Jasper Highlands Fire Department’s ability to electronically communicate with Central Dispatch, with our leadership, and with each other, is the best in Marion County.  Not only is each firefighter issued a quality hand held radio that is monitored 24 hours a day with Marion County Dispatch, but we also have 2 of the most modern smart phone emergency services Apps for our personal hand held devices; “Tango Tango” and “IamResponding”.

“Tango Tango” allows our firefighters to integrate our handheld radios to our smart phones without any geographic limitations and allows us to effortlessly monitor and communicate with Marion County regarding fire traffic and communicate with each other no matter where we are in the world.  “IamResponding” provides supplemental dispatch notifications directly to our mobile device and lets us know instantly who is responding to an emergency, where they are responding, and when they are responding. It tracks our individual movement and provides mapping capability. All of this overlapping communication integration enhances response time on the Mountain.  This is some hightech sweet stuff for your protection!

Chris Lowrance, Certified Training Officer for Jasper Highlands Fire Department, has offered to teach a CPR Class for interested Jasper Highlands residents. The class is 3 to 4 hours long and a small fee will be required.  If you are interested in attending this class, please contact Captain Ken Donnan at 646-369-6533, so we may set a date for the class. 

If you are interested in joining our terrific Fire Department, please contact Assistant Fire Chief, Cliff, at 423-309-2842 or Chief Lowell at 256-529-1658.  We are always looking for volunteer firefighters, both men and women, that would like to help protect our residents, our homes, and our beautiful Mountain! Thank you and stay safe!

RD Johnson