Vial of Life Initiative

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Places Basic Medical Information in the Hands of First Responders

The Auxiliary started a new project in 2018 called the Vial of Life.  This program is designed to quickly supply first responders with your individual medical information in the event of an emergency.  This is a national program, that has been successful across the country.  See for more information.  

The Vial of Life kit allows residents to keep basic health history and medication information in a designated area in the house, as well as vehicles.  The best decisions regarding treatment can be made if first responders know your medical conditions, past surgeries, medications, and allergies.  The information in the kit stays safely in your possession until it is needed.

Once you move into your home, please contact Karen Rosenberg at with any questions or to notify the Auxiliary that you are ready for your Vial of Life kit.  The Auxiliary will make the kits available at the community potlucks as well (held on the second Friday each month).

If you already have your kit but need to update your form or print additional copies, click here: